‘Debitum Naturae’, (The Debt of Nature) is a documentation of organic matter, mostly flowers, capturing day-to-day changes which are virtually imperceptible to the human eye.

The relatively short life-span of flowers and their degeneration with the passing of time is a pleasing visual analogy to the human condition. Each day we get older, each day we are closer to dying, but it’s only when we look at photos of ourselves, in retrospect, that we notice the changes that come with age and decay.

To create this body of work, the subject is photographed everyday at the same time with the camera positioned in exactly the same way each time. Much like a movie camera capturing an image frame-for-frame, every day is a different frame. The photos are then digitally superimposed and layered in different opacities as to make each layer visible, creating a ghostlike, X-ray effect. In doing so, the single image is then rendered a symbol of both life and the inevitability of our own mortality.

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